First Closed and then open beta, or will it straight go to public release after closed beta?

As the title says, will we only get the closed beta and then it goes straight to public release or will we have an open beta where everyone here gets to download the app to try it? Just asking because I missed the signup and I wanted to test it so bad, but I missed it and thats how it is, Ill just have to go with it.

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so unless dom wants to specify this himself, this is what i have in mind:

  1. closed beta (about 500 users)
  2. closed beta expansion (probably another 500-1000)
  3. waiting period for legalities and bug repair
  4. release to the public
  5. then implementation of the bigger stuff like monetization, ect

with that being said, i doubt the signup forum released on the 8th will be the only one

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Ok, just wanted to make sure, I never post on the forums but always read the new stuff, was here since day one and my phone died 1 day before the signup post and now that I got my new one I noticed the beta post and got upset thats why I asked now.

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yeah i understand. i will update you when i learn more!

kaden :slight_smile:


Thanks man!

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