FireMonkeys Idea Box | Ratelimits, Byte Loop Exploitation Fix, & More

Hello Byte community! I’ve been in the beta for around 1-2 months now thanks to an invite from a follower of mine on Twitter, after investigating the app with a buddy of mine due to it being publicly released we had found a few areas that currently could be exploited for stars, comments, etc.

Let’s face it, the biggest issue right now are Comment bots, but I don’t plan to comment much on it. I’ve been told that comment bots are being worked on having a rate limit added ASAP. Due to this let’s talk about the currently working “Star Exploit” or as I want to call it, the “Starsploit”. Your stars are calculated by Beta Tester, Early Adopter, Loops, Loops watched, and followers. You could exploit followers by making a ton of bot accounts but one big exploit that can be done is in the Loops on your page and Loops watched. You could easily make a bot to send requests to the Byte servers that a loop on your video has been watched, allowing a users video to get more loops on a video and a higher ranking towards the users byte score. My fix for this would be to limit how many requests for a loop can be to the length of the minimal video length. The loop on your videos work the same way, where you could set up multiple emulators running Byte to watch videos and swipe every one minute or so with the use of a macro, causing what would be 1 loop to be anywhere from 5-200 loops due to multiple devices watching loops at the same time. A fix for this in my eyes would be if multiple devices are on the same Byte account watching loops at the same time, freeze the video on the device that was watching for the longest time, only allowing one device to be on an account at the same time, preventing people from setting up bots to just swipe after a loop freezes on 20+ devices.

Edit 1: Completely forgot about one more thing! Maybe this limitation isn’t that big of an issue because it is super rare to hit and would only happen on 32 bit phones, but on a 32 bit device, if you were to go over the number 2,147,483,647 on something such as Loops, Follows, or anything that counts towards your star count your profile badge will just “poof” completely and break. I can’t think of a fix off of the top of my head but thought i’d mention it here.

These are just some of the ideas I can remember about, cool to see all the stuff planned for the app/scrapped on the app based on what is seen in the requests/responses the server sends to the user.

Byte on :slight_smile:


That’s for a signed int, and I have no clue why would anyone use that for a views counter. Also, I’m pretty sure that after Gangnam Style hit YouTube developers have a clue.

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I know it’s a signed int, when looking into the app I thought i’d see what would happen if I messed around with insanely high numbers such as that

The right image is what my profile page looked like after going 1 number higher, causing the bar with all my profile info to just poof away.

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Good catch! Well, I’m just a simple CS undergrad with no real working experience, what do I know about view counters, maybe they need to be negative sometimes!

I have to wait 19 minutes till I can give another like, but you’ll get it ASAP

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Well you’re further in life then me, I’m still in my final year of Highschool before going off to college for CS! :grin:

Never forget the “first guy to have negative subscribers” on YouTube, negative numbers can be fun ;)!

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