Finding Content

Any guesses on how people will find your content that you post? Will it use hashtags or a new kind of system?

Posts on discovering content:

As for hashtags, there have been a few mentions in the forums about them but no confirmation about if they are going to be used or not


No specifics about the V2 app are known yet. I suspect that within the coming weeks/months we’ll hear more!

From past experience, being on the popular page helped me grow dramatically so I would love to see it return!


I can relate !! And would love to see it come back

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I’d say yes, but to make it “popular” in a particular tag or category; to be determined by a cumulative level of engagement threshold within a set period of time with a shelf-life for visibility being a set amount of time as long as engagement with the vine continues within that set time frame (set time frame TBD on back-end by @dom) before it’s standing place closer to the top on the popular results page moves down further in the feed to make room at the top for newly added popular vines (not viners) that have - through user engagement - earned their respective place on the popular page of a category or tag.