Filibuster-What would you talk about?

A filibuster is when someone (a state senator in most cases) tries to block a vote by talking about anything until the person talking can’t talk no more (has to go to bathroom, needs to sit, no saliva in mouth) or he/she is voted to stfu (lack of a better term). They could read a book, recite the Bible, it doesn’t matter, but they do this to prevent a bill from turning into a law. So my question to ya’ll that understand this (I suck at explaining so hopefully someone understood what I just said) is, what would you talk about to prevent a law from being put in place? I’d probably print out transcripts from the office and read a few office episodes lmaoo

Here’s a vid from Parks N Rec where this dude filibustered by talking about the Marvel universe and Star Wars :laughing:

I’d stutter about my life story. It would take vvvvvvvvvvvv long to complete. The stuttering’s the main part :sweat_smile:


Stuttering is great for a filibuster lol u want it to be super long so the people in support of the bill can make some sort of deal to accommodate the person against the deal


Recite hit or miss lyrics all day every day

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