Fifty shades freed

This Is a outstanding movie nice story, love and etc but Everytime why does this movie get so low rating why do journalist hate it so much?

And Why are audience equally divided with Half haters and half lovers for the movie???

I think many people don’t like it for this reason: The relationship between the protagonists is seen as abusive, very controlling and dysfunctional. Christian Grey’s stalking and controlling behaviour is romanticized and this is why many people have a big issue with it, I think.
And also the BDSM community is also not fond with it, because BDSM is portrayed in a wrong way.
I think many people look past all that, which is why there are some who love it.
But then there is also the other half who don’t look past that and don’t like those movies / books


I agree 100%


That, and some people probably like the book better than the movie :sweat_smile:


The Reason for that we have our own creation of the characters when we read a book and it’s impossible to match with what we watch on screen so people Expect it to be similar but that’s not possible…

Totally agree with it and what’s your thought do you like it?

I don’t know what I should think about it because I got influenced by many different oppinions.
I think movies are movies and you shouldn’t get too deep into them.
But there were also a lot of things in this movie that made me frown and hope, they wouldn’t influence people in a negative way. So when it comes to the those books and movies, I am sort of conflicted

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Please Don’t take me wrong but
There is irony in your statement that " I think movies are movies and you shouldn’t get too deep into them"
But still you are conflicted??
What I think is sometimes there is this connection or #relatable with any movie they watch or they read book that’s why people like it and as the movie is no where portraying… do bad relationship moreover The protagonist is being changed his portraying a good loving husband and with Unique pleasure…
(It’s just my thought m not forcing u to change your thought m just expressing)

Oh No i dont, thats totally a good point :+1:t6:!
Like I said, i don’t think you should get too deep into movies. But I must say i slightly did with 50 Shades, because there was just a lot of controversy around it (i think I should have said that before :eyes:)
I didn’t hate it, because I thought it had a few interesting points. But i cant say I loved it either because of certain things, that I personally didnt think were okay and could spread the wrong message.
But you know i also think movies are here to teach us something and for us to discuss. Imagine everybody would love the same thing, that would be pretty boring :tipping_hand_woman:t6:‍♀️

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To be honest I tried to read the book to see what the hype was about and it’s very poorly written…
And I’ve never seen the films but they just don’t seem that amazing to me :woman_shrugging:t2: Apparently the two main characters chemistry isn’t great, and that’s surely gonna show a little through their acting, but I agree with @christyonce that the relationship seems incredibly abusive, and I don’t understand why so many women see the appeal of it at all… it’s a trend to hate on it too. It’s kinda like marmite, you love it or you hate it. To each their own I guess :woman_shrugging:t2:


I haven’t seen any of the Fifty Shades movies but I think the reason why people hate them so much is because the plot is so poor. It was based off of a fanfiction so I suppose you can’t expect too much, but it’s a little weird that it’s so overhyped.
Either way though, you shouldn’t feel ashamed for liking a movie that many people dislike! I’ve been in that situation too and it’s just based off of preference

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I enjoyed the second one a lot! The third one was okay but kind of got derailed with all of the action and the bomb which I didn’t really feel fit into the story itself. I disliked the first one with a passion, and that may have to do with the fact that a different director directed the second and third movies :face_with_monocle:

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Also the book is very poorly written. Looking into why it got popular, the ONLY reason it did is because it coincided with ebook readers coming into the scene. NOBODY wanted to publish her, but older women realized they could get naughty books discreetly, so sales sky rocketed and it started getting published physically.

Incorrect depictions of safe, healthy BDSM relationships aside, and abusive tendencies aside, it was written awfully. The movie had to change a LOT to make it seem less abusive and less like the streaming pile of trash that it is, so I understand people liking the movies if they havent read the book.

But I have read better smut, even better BDSM smut, than 50 shades, written by amateur authors under the age of 18 whove never even seen genitals.

But thats mah 2 cents

  1. terrible, bland acting
  2. bland characters (anna barely has a personality)
  3. bad dialogue and nonsensical plot
  4. for movies that are supposed to show exciting sex and revolve around that, there sure is a lot of vanilla sex
  5. any depiction they do have of BDSM is horribly incorrect- and you can tell was written by either people who don’t know about it, or people who have a flawed knowledge of proper behavior and consent in BDSM
  6. Horribly abusive behavior (under summary):
  • subs aren’t submissive 24/7!!! Expecting them to be is abuse!! (e.g the contract, telling her what to do constantly)

  • stalking and keeping a file on Anna

  • ‘punishing’ her without consent

  • physically moving her and taking her places even when she specifically tells him no

  • highly controlling and unhealthily jealous about her relationships outside him (her mom, any male she so much as has a conversation with, etc) and actually discouraging her from having them (not letting her see her mom)

  • Anna is expected to cater to his needs emotionally and physically throughout every movie, with him never doing anything she needs

  • Constantly exhibiting power over her in every aspect of her life (sending her large amounts of money she doesn’t want, buying out the company she works for so she has to work for him, telling her what to do and punishing her if she is unsure or says no, etc)

Like the abuse being treated as romantic definitely isn’t something that should be ignored and teaches people watching that that behavior is not only ok but desirable.


Yes really it would be very boring

Ya I really appreciate to hear something like this… Such a thoughtful