Fewer and fewer videos in a hashtag

I was checking the latest videos in the hashtag #urineluck which was the subject of a post here but I noticed there were fewer and fewer videos the more I checked the hashtag

Now I can only see two videos… Are there time limits to the videos of a hashtag?


I’ve wondered this before, trying to find an old video with a hashtag that I couldnt find again :joy: I thought they may have deleted the video but maybe it was this (galaxy s9 so its on android too)

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Yeah I think that there may be hashtag issues…I’ve been noticing the same thing as well.

was this hashtag popular? if so it’s probably because they switch from a “latest” approach to a “trending” approach when they’re popular. but i’m not sure if they switch back, so it’s possible it could get into a weird state. let me check


Hey Dom, I’ve noticed the same thing with my original #petsinquarantine video. Its a trending hashtag now and it’s not showing up under that hashtag. Not sure if it’s a time limit thing or what since it was posted a couple days ago?


I’ll say this doesn’t happen just with trending tags — it happens with any hashtags. Video disappears after a while I’ve noticed as well. For example my tag “#ByteIt” (my latest the video didn’t appear and older video disappeared)


trending tags are the top 100 tags in the app at any given time, not just the promoted one in the explore section. unfortunately there’s currently no indication if it’s trending or not. we’re working on displaying this along with other hashtags improvements (list of trending tags, search) in the build after next

re: the disappearing posts. there is a bug w/ the current implementation that we just discovered. we’re working on a fix. trending tags (again, the top 100 tags at any time) will show the top posts from the past 2 weeks (still preferring new posts), rather than the last 48 hours. tags that have fewer than 10 top posts in the past 2 weeks will switch back to only showing latest


Would it be possible for there to be a “latest” and “trending” option on hashtags? Like there are on channels?


yep, we’re working on that for build after next :slight_smile:


Can we add like a timer on the trending hashtag like how much time will it be?

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This should be better now


Thanks for circling back with us Dom!

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