Fellow Byter Has 1 Day To Save His Dog

Hey everyone, I just wanted to humbly reach out for support for a friend of mine who has also posted to Byte. He was in a car wreck and his dog was injured, needing surgery to help her ever walk again. He has one day to raise the money. So he has a GoFundMe and I’m trying to find ways to help it become viral.

If you could share the link anywhere that would be so humbling. If this is not accepted on the forums I apologize and just let me know.

Gofund: https://rb.gy/yuga4e

I know this is going to seem off but if anyone would like to engage with this post I think it could really blow up and cause a lot of awareness. Please and thank you so much: https://vm.tiktok.com/npXmyF/

My friends byte account and videos of Luna his dog on Byte: https://byte.co/indignified


Omg poor puppy! I’ll chip in :slightly_smiling_face:


When I read that his dog was named Luna, it made me immediately think of my dog Luna, who had to receive hip surgery that saved her life after she was hit by a car. When I realized that, I knew I couldn’t just ignore this, so I chipped in. I hope he’s able to acquire the rest of the funds he needs! :blush:


Thata crazy. Thank you so much. Yeah anything helps. Do you have any advice if you did a fundraiser?

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I’ve never personally done a fundraiser before, so I can’t offer any advice, sorry. What happened was our dog was homeless at the time, so the animal protection league in the area stepped in and paid for her surgery, then she went to live with a foster mother and that’s how my family found her and adopted her.

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Does the animal hospital not offer care credit?

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I believe he was able to get a some of it paid with that.

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Hey I shared around the best thing to do for this is to share everywhere. Facebook groups insta Text messages. That email list on ur gmail account that randomly pops up. Tag ppl on twitter. I have shared and when I get paid this month I will be donating what I can. You can tag businesses or famous ppl.

I would do @J.Key said and get some resources in that area. I would also call best friends animal society. Idk if they will help but they have a LOT of good resources and are a great charity organization that I have seen (with my own eyes) do good for others.

Please share this go fund me ! Use our platforms for good no matter how big or small.

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sending good vibes.