Feeling...unsure about byte

I am enjoying about half the videos I watch, but for every good one there’s a bunch more…less good ones. It seems already established creators will always have the upper hand, especially people who post old vines, there’s or other peoples. I still hear people defending Tiktok, and even calling byte no different from Tiktok. (Opinion: stealing data from children is wrong. The content is good, I just don’t love dance the way I love short form comedy) People have argued
-too much like vine
-not enough like vine
-too much like Tiktok
-not enough like Tiktok
-too small
-too large
-not enough content
-too much content
Tiktokers who try to transfer over and fail go back to their fan base and say byte is bad, and that hurts public perception.
Really kinda venting, but where do you stand? Why do you like byte?
Reiterating, what do you like about byte?


I like it because it can be something new, and I think that’s what people need to realise. It isn’t tiktok, and it isn’t vine. It can be whatever people want it to be


“What’s great about Tiktok is anyone can post something and it can blow up”
What’s the feeling about this? Is it possible to blow up on byte?


Take a moment to consider that there is still a lot of feature and ease of life stuff that needs to be added. And sure there maybe a few byte accounts that aren’t that great but that’s part of the process and that part of what fuels people to make better content. The fact is not everyone is going to be ground breaking and thats ok, This community is growing and learning together. This app isn’t going to reach the top overnight its going to take some time and with that the people who helped make the community great will take part in reaping the rewards of their hard work.


I like byte because my attention span is short. I don’t like long videos (e.g. Tik Tok Cringe) and I enjoy most of the creative contents that are on Byte :rocket::rocket:


As @cark said, byte is its own unique platform. It may be modeled after Vine and TikTok, but it’s not meant to be another version of either platform.
Size-wise and content-wise, it may be big in the eyes of some people, but it definitely is not “too big” considering that TikTok is much bigger AND that byte has only been out for about 3 weeks.
On the topic of TikTokers, I’ll say it again: byte is not TikTok. What may be popular on TikTok may not be popular on byte. Saying that it’s bad is a lame excuse to say you didn’t try hard enough to gain an audience, especially when plenty other people (like me!) are having success on byte.


I was never a fan of TikTok to begin with and just hearing “Vine 2 came out” got me immediately intrigued and I didn’t think twice


Say it louder — BYTE IS NOT TIK TOK


Byte is not tiktok


I am not a Vine veteran
I like both (tiktok and byte)
I use both
Im here for exchange with other people
I like creative ideas or stunning footage or even aestatics or comedy and and and…
I am not a video editor what in my opinion makes me a tiktoker cuz there i have options to edit stuff

But i like the idea to make very short videos but i am limited to my skills…
I see other people cutting bytes professionally and I know that i personally can’t do something like that on this lvl
Not every byte what i made so far is a good one but i try even if it is not as other byters

Pls dont spread hate.

Edit - a+s ps my englisch is not thecbest i know


Im gonna be honest as someone who is probably younger then most people on the forums i prefer tiktok at the moment. Aside from the fact i actually like the music, and the trends, the main thing rn is the content. there is so many funny people on byte but they get 0 exposure. 90% of the popular page is painfully unfunny. people call tiktok cringe but i find the popular page of byte a lot worse. (apart from charliecooper, naturalexample, soupypoopy, tomwho, bout7, yam and some others i can’t think of

one thing that draws me to Tiktok is the wider variety of creators. on byte the popular page is the same 10 people, but tiktok for you page has hundred of people to discover.

I also find that tiktok doesn’t have the rebate for rebate thing which is literally making the app unusable.

On the other hand there is things byte is better at, like lack of censorship. that guy literally posts pictures of hit butt lmao. that would get taken down on tiktok

A lot of byte content is also stolen - there was a recent one about talking whilst you spit which is word for word from a tiktok. A lot of people are also just quoting tweets or even reddit posts. Im sure this happens on tiktok aswell however.

But i think byte will improve with the new feature coming out. There are so many funny talented people on this app who don’t join rebate for rebate groups and therefore get 0 exposure. I also haven’t found any ‘quotable’ bytes like vine had, and tiktok now has (like the tiktok character rosa that most of my friends could quote). But i think that comes with time.

This is just my 2 cents. im sorry if this is negative, just trying to be honest.


Lots of TikTok bashing here? Everyone talks so highly of building a community but won’t welcome others from another platform - it’s like u guys live in a gated community and isolate yourself from others from entering- why not welcome them so they eventually create better content “natively” on Byte- I’m guilty of bringing over our TikTok content but it works for us - I’m just ranting cause u guys preach one thing about community but they bash others that’s doesn’t fit in ur mold - just my thoughts and observations- but at least the weather is nice finally in Phoenix. :blush: have a bless day :gift_heart:


I didn’t mock anyone
Every app has its value
I enjoy this forum because in other platforms i didn’t have the possibility talk this much to other creator’s… . Don’t mind… Even to the developer’s
For me this make a unbelievable huge difference
Even if i didn’t catch a personal hype train




i agree with Cark, it isn’t Tik Tok or Vine. ITS BYTE. And the right people will stay and if new people join we must encourage and welcome them to our community so that they can plant their roots.


one thing about byte is that a lot of people just want to be big (they’re early adopters for a reason).
so they steal jokes, use bots, repost viral videos, etc

it’ll take some time for the app to grow and mature, so there’s no need to worry


Too bad you changed your original post, I thought you made some good, honest points about the byte app and the community, and how that compares to other social media platforms.

I don’t think we need to worry too much about Byte, actually. I know there has been a huge slowdown in engagement on the app since the launch, but, I’m also seeing the app slowly and organically growing every day with new people joining and contributing unique content. Vine grew the same way, although it didn’t have a big launch like Byte because no one had any idea what to do with a 6-second video then. But Vine initially grew slowly and organically as well, and then eventually started to explode once there were enough creators making good, original content to attract people and keep them engaged.

I’m hopeful that the new content discovery tools that Dom and his team are working on will greatly improve the experience for those who mostly like to watch and be entertained. Right now you have to work a bit to find the content you like, and as @Bekca mentioned, the Popular Page is not the best place to find a variety of content or new creators. New & Trending are pretty good, actually, I found a lot of new and funny creators by browsing there, and you can refresh that page to get a whole new list. Spotlight has also been pretty good and featuring creators that you rarely see on Pop Now.

There will always be a lot of content people don’t like and have to wade through to find the gems. That was true on Vine, and to some extent on TikTok, although TikTok does have excellent algorithms that power their For You page. Byte will soon have something along those lines so that the app can start recommending the kind of content you might enjoy rather than it just being random and the same people you often see on the Popular page.

Byte is going to change over the next few months for the better as more and more new features are added to make content discovery better and easier, and more new creators jump on the app as it gains traction. Stick around! It may be a bumpy ride right now, but eventually we’ll be smooth sailing.


I absolutely love the new and trending page, I too discover alot of users whereas the popular page is just the same users who (some aren’t talented) they’d just get there through engagement groups.

I’m hoping the new updates would mitigate this issueee.


Changed it back


I feel like no matter where you go from TikTok to Instagram to Twitter there is always going to be “stolen” content. For instance, that spitting while talking example that you gave has easily been around since we were all young. I saw that type of bit on Disney channel when I was younger lol. Wouldn’t you say that’s “stolen”? I just think people could like an idea so much that they want to create their own versions of it. I’m not trying to be mean or rude (no hate), but it is hard to come up with content that absolutely NO ONE has seen especially when you have every single social media platform anyone could imagine on top of watching TV/Youtube/etc. I think that’s why a lot of people stay on TikTok because they’re so used to just copying/following everyone else. I do that myself on that platform :joy: I frickin love dancing.

I honestly think Byte and TikTok are two completely different things. The only thing that is the same is that they are both only a few seconds long. Other than that, I don’t understand why are we comparing? I’m happy for both platforms and I enjoy both platforms. On Tiktok, I can dance to my heart’s content and on Byte, I could make my own short bit. They both hit VERY differently (in a good way) :blush: