Feeling a bit nostalgic lately

So… when I still went to school (before the pandemic, so before late February) I used to listen to chillhop/lo-fi music on the bus every day in the morning.
But now every time I listen to chillhop/lo-fi music (I do it frequently when I have to do homework) I feel a bit “nostalgic” of November/December 2019.

It’s because I miss my friends and low-key my old “routine” - especially those cold, dark winter mornings when I used to chill to lo-fi beats on my way to school. Even if I had to get up early in the morning, hurry up to catch the bus, and deal with bad weather, looking back now I’d love to do those very same things over and over again.

And yet, even if I know the reasons behind this feeling, I still feel like last year’s winter is a remote, inaccessible period to which all of my “good old” memories suddenly belong to, even if it was just a “normal” month, according to my 2019 self.

This pandemic has made me think about how we should all appreciate everyday things - and how I won’t be able to live a winter morning like in 2019 anymore for the next years.
I don’t know whether this is a temporary feeling that over time will slowly dissipate, nor do I know whether I feel nostalgic at all - I just want to go back to November so bad.

What about you?


I totally understand that feeling OMG. But let me tell you, that nostalgic feeling is great because, as you said, that made you realise that even the simplest things just as taking the bus to school or…that great feeling when it’s cold outside and you’re comfortable in your warm clothes or when you enter the building to go to class and you have a great time with your friends. I feel like what is going on right now teaches us something. Wether it is good, bad, sad, bitter, or even that it trigger something within us that makes us have a big realization of how we live our lives. Just don’t be too caught up in that nostalgic feeling because it might trigger anxiety or self-doubt. ( Idk for you but for me it does ). Just take care of yourself and your family, listen to your feelings, take time to strengthen that creative side and take a big breath in knowing that this whole virus situation is only temporary, because nothing is stagnant. It always evolve to something else. ( I’m French so I don’t know if I expressed myself correctly but I think you hopefully get what I’m saying ) :grin::hugs::wink:

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I can relate cause I’m bored of this quarantine, but I don’t want to go back to winter 2019. I’d rather go back to last summer.

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this will pass just give it 2-4 years