Feedback for new short video app

Hello Byte enthusiasts,

Looking to get feedback on a short video app I’ve been working on the past year. It’s called Roobit and it’s available on both iOS & Android stores as of recently.

iOS -

Android -

The gist of it is it allows people to create simple video stories together (no effects/filters & upload through camera only, for now) by letting them combine 20 second clips - either publicly or in private groups. Calling these video “chains”. Posting to a public video chain will cause it to show in your followers’ feeds. The more people collaborate & view, the “hotter” the entire chain would get - reflected by the video thumbnail ring changing from cooler to hotter colors.

Some examples:

  • A group of friends hanging out together could post to the same video chain - like if Insta had a video-only “group story” feature & the videos didn’t expire.

  • Long-running video chains that are public, like people visiting a restaurant known for hot sauce challenges or ramen could see posts around those tags in their “around you” feed or from people they follow, and then add on to one of the chains.

  • Private groups or “mibs”, where people want to talk to & post with just select folks

Some basic features:

  • Audience for posts can be public, followers-only or the people you choose specifically to add to your “mib” group.
  • Location-tagged posts can show up in an “around you” feed.
  • Search posts by tags and/or location.
  • You add to a chain by simply hitting the bottle icon from inside the playing video.
  • You can geo-lock your private videos, so recipients would need to go to that location once to unlock & view/reply.

Specific thoughts for creators:

  • Video chains enable creators to get their audience engaged w/ them more directly, through video reactions or perhaps creating a video series/meme for your audience to directly participate in & contribute to.
  • What do y’all think of the idea of multiple creators collaborating on a long-running video chain to create this series of 20 second clips? Perhaps, these could get locked after the chain crosses a “red” glow threshold, so audiences have to pay to unlock then onwards - with the proceeds being split between the collaborators.
  • For creators that work with or would like to work with local retail/dining/entertainment brands, they can potentially create video chains for their followers on Roobit that are geo-locked to the brands’ physical locations. For brands, this is measurable foot traffic. For creators, an added source of revenue.

We’d really appreciate any thoughts on the app, ideas or design.

Cheers & have a great weekend!

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