Feed Customization

We already know that Dom confirmed the use of a “Nope” button to help shape one’s timeline. However, that also makes me curious as to how exactly a user’s feed will be displayed.

I imagine a feature where a user can use certain hashtags or categories in order to create a preference for the kinds of content they see (similar to a radio station on Spotify, in a sense), would be of great benefit to users.

Additionally, I would love to see v2 give users the option of having content displayed in algorithmic or chronological order, as many people have a strong preference for one or the other.

EDIT : I also recently learned that Instagram implemented a system where a user can follow specific hashtags. I think a similar feature would be wonderful for v2


I would love being able to switch between algorithmic/chronological. And the “nope” button is going to be great.

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I feel like the original feed should be chronogical then the “radio” theme algro, makes sense


I am ALL about giving users the option to choose between chronological and algo methods. I think a lot of social media channels do not realize how important the chronological aspect is, and it takes away from people like me who are on the internet way too much. And I love the radio idea, and subscribing to hashtags. Do you think that there is going to be an option to get loop notifications from specific creators?