February Byte compilation (and how you can be in it)

Sorry this post is over due but due to my horrible planing i didn’t realize that the 1st of February was in the weekend i had a Badminton tournament. I could of typed it on my phone i guess but longer posts like this i like to write them on my laptop. ANYWAYS i’m getting side tracked. Here are the updated rules!


  1. I try to put as many different Byters as I can and put all biases aside i may have.
  2. The byte must be funny, loops very well, be hypnotizing or make me feel some fort of positif emotion
  3. I try to find the bytes to include from the latest page NOT the popular page for 2 reasons. 1. so i get to discover newer and smaller creators and give them a chance to shine. 2. The most popular Byte might not be the best one there is. With all the R4R going on, it’s something i keep in mind.
  4. Although it’s my byte comp. and technically i can put what ever i want in it, i have limitations. The way i limit myself is somewhat long and complicated with a lot of ‘‘If this then that’’. So i won’t go into details about that unless i have a request to do so.
  5. Any TikTok post does NOT qualify. That means any music, dance, audio, etc. THIS IS NOT HATE towards TikTok! It’s just keeping it a byte comp, if I wanted a TikTok comp. I’d make one. Just to clarify I also don’t condone any TikTok hate either, unless it’s actually funny and more of a friendly poke at TikTok.

things to keep in mind

If you want to be included in the compilation please go on Byte and tag me @Acadrien on your favorite videos (can be your own vid or someone else and can be more then one) that you’d like me to see and consider (must be posted this month). Please tell everyone on Byte that may be interested in being part. If you have any questions fell free to ask!!!

If i see your video i will like it and consider that my read receipt. TO CLARIFY if i like your video it does NOT mean that you will automatically featured. As well as tagging me on this thread is also useless. I mean this in the nicest way i simply don’t have time to chase around accounts. If it were just one person sure but if i do it to one person, i need to do it for everyone to be fair. Thats all, nothing personal.

If you are not featured no worries i enjoy making these so there will be plenty more times to have your chance. Currently this is a monthly thing but might expand this project a bit next month, we’ll see.

here is a link as well to the Youtube Channel i’ll be uploading it too (its only has 1 vid cause its just for the byte comps currently. But please feel free to sub so you can see them when they get released.)


If you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask!!


Tagged you in a couple of mine. Thanks for doing this!


This is cool! I’ll be tagging you as well. Hope you like them :crossed_fingers: @Toughany

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Bumping this up since there’s only one week left!!