Features and Overall App Experience Brainstorm

  • Polls
  • No paying for things (like profile pictures or editing your videos), except maybe donations to creators
  • A base square video layout like this:

With a new, unique feature being the reason to come to v2, such as seamless looping, the group of people who are tired of using the same apps will be attracted.
What other ideas (related to the Overall App Experience) do you have?


No idea, you touched on majority of what I was thinking of

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A collaboration feature would be innovative imo

  • Having popular and Artist on the Rise section
  • Instead of Like or Heart something original
  • Add a watch later in case you can’t watch a video right away
  • Multiple accounts
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I agree, but as long as the developers listen to the community feedback and improve off of what people post I think the overall experience and features would be perfect.

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I only want one feature…

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That too.

There should be an option before recording:
“Hands-free | Normal”

Yes, it would be very easy to incorporate this feature into the camera part of the app, I could never understand why Vine didn’t add this ability when it was always a challenge for those making vines by themselves.

And also about the ads and monetization talk:

  1. Youtube’s recent change to their Partner Program and monetization makes it easy to gain users who are looking to gain money off of content.
  2. Ads should be like Instagram’s timeline ad system, with a “NOPE” button under the post as well
  3. Ads can be placed in the “Watch/TV” mode
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Yes, I agree!! :smiley: I actually made a topic about the collab feature —> Collabs from a distance

I loved the tap to pause feature from Vine. I like your ideas!

I was thinking about this. It would be helpful. @dom is this anything the v2 team can incorporate? I hope so

I enjoy the “on the rise” idea because it helps new creators instead of just constantly promoting the same ones that don’t need the promotion anymore. Also, maybe a basic in-app video editor? We can record a video and chop it up?(I left vine early so I’m not sure if this was implemented already)

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Good ideas

I like the idea of the “on the rise” thing. It seems that v2 are trying to allow new people to gain a platform instead of the same influencers from other platforms/vine and this would be a great way to combat that. Perhaps if it was made in a similar way to the Instagram “Explore” page, but with different algorithm etc.

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Vine had an “on the rise” page, too. It was always the same people on the popular page. I guess their algorithm just needed more tweaking.

I like the idea of having a community voted artist of the month. A group of moderator type users that would be chosen by dom compile between 3 and 6 on the rise accounts that get displayed under their own section of v2. They post a vine saying vote for me which appears only in this section and the most votes gets a weeklong spotlight. This will bring attention to each of those artists work and be a unique way to promote audience growth.

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tap for sound” possibly could just use a small animation in the corner, also when the video enlarges it should pop to the size of the screen then start from the begging because when a similar app called worm released to show action sports in slow motion their hold down feature was slow and wasn’t responsive so i also think having a certain spot to hold the video down will also be a nice feature as this can create a very quick and necessary response time as it will engage users a lot quicker and keep them intrigued in the app

It could even be a small area in each bottom corner that needs to be pressed and held. This also gives 3D Touch a cool use.