Featured loops

i just had this amazing idea. there should be like a most popular loop section where the most watched or most liked (or both) loops are featured and there’s like a winner. and there can be like an underrated section where loops that didn’t get as much attention as they needed to are featured. OMG THIS IS MY BEST IDEA

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The first idea has already been theorised, however, for the second, how will that work? Will general creators or popular users be featured on there? Maybe both?

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yeah! i was thinking like users can submit loops using like a forum of some sort (here!) or editors can find them… idk i just thought it was a good idea :man_shrugging:t5:

Ohh you mean on the forums? I thought you were talking about the app.

no! i meant like someone finds a loop on the app and maybe shares the link on the forums in a topic or something.

That’s what I meant. I didn’t word it properly lol.

i feel like this work best near the start.

after a while the most looped bytes will just be from the biggest creators.

also how do you suggest ‘underrated’ bytes are found

Atleast it will be able to make more byters popular before mainstream internet celebs come and take over.

u rite…

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