Featured Category #ByteFighter In App Trading Cards!

GUYS CHECK OUT THIS AWESOME NEW TRENDING HASHTAG!! REBYTE THEM ALL TO COLLECT THEM ALL!! @imrdavis started this awesomeness!!! This is so cool !!!


dude this is one of the sickest trends on the app so far


Uhh why wasn’t I informed… suddenly all these byters have cool edits and stuff like all of a sudden :joy:


duude this is so epic please check out all these amazing creators doing their thing!!


Omg I gotta go check it out after beating this shrine in botw! I hope I can get my own fighter card! lol


which shrine are you at? coincidentally im playing BOTW as well!


Wow! this is what I’ve been waiting for :slight_smile:


Pac this is truly a game changer. And what’s crazy is that after i posted my byte fighter AlterEgo ended and the featured trend showed up!


I’m at this hero test one in the necluda sea at the moment. Finally beat it because this one is soo hard!


I think this is really the time that the basic text tools would’ve been incredible @dom.

Combining Byte Beats, text tools, and this hashtag, literally anyone could join in these. This would really help mass adoption and let everyone get involved!

I think featured hashtags are incredible. It allows:


What we need are some more trends. Trends where people can join in, so that they can actually feel like a part of the community. The more people that can join in, the better. This also plays on literally everyone wanting to be a creator.

And I know a lot of you are going to hate on this, but this is one of the best ways to “organically retain people”. For you to build an audience, there has to be people. People who crush trends are going to be trendsetters and rise from it.

I hope featured hashtags will keep going. I’m already seeing so many different people I haven’t seen before.


Ofc, and this is what I’ve been advocating for a while now. I want to see what else they have in store for us. :slightly_smiling_face:


Man I just came off a sesh of TikTok and I kind of only half believe what I wrote here now.

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please explain :upside_down_face: id love to know! What did you just experience?

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One example is transitions. Literally all transitions are the same. Like everyone uses the same ones.

For our byte fighter (and the TikTok fighter ones, as they also did it a while back with awesome effects), there is usually some twist that each creator puts on it.

But for transitions, everyone’s doing the exact same transitions. The hoodie transitions, the palm down transition, etc. Also the exact endless loops, like throwing a ball to catch it and throw it back.

I think the distinction is between following a trend and putting your own spin on it vs pretty much recreating a specific concept almost exactly.

It’s an extremely fine line, but it’s the difference between me going “that’s cool” and going “ugh I think I’m done seeing this for the 100th time”.


Yes i get that. It isn’t fun basically seeing the same video done by different people. I also feel like you can only go so far with transitions. Most of it has been done already. Not that transitions aren’t cool, just played out a bit in my opinion. Only cause everyone does the same thing.

Thats what i love about ByteFighter. Everybody has their own twist to it. It was the 1st time that ive seen the community having so much fun together making their own cards! Made me want to collect them all even more!


Things become popular on tiktok when they are easy and quick, monkey see, monkey do.

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