Feature Suggestion: Super Clip

We all know that the previous app (AKA the app that must not be named) was filled with 6.5 second videos. Assuming that v2 will have a similar time length, perhaps it would be a good feature to allow users once a week or so to create a “Super Clip” of double the normally allotted time. Perhaps users could be allowed one of these Super Clips in a ratio to the number of regular clips they post, such as 1:10 or 1:15. Let me know what you guys think of this proposal!


seems cool, but can’t you do the same thing on instagram? We shouldn’t have a feature that could easily become obsolete…

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I like it, cause then people could also make like a “series” that comes out once a week as their super clip and it can have a story line with context rather than just 6 seconds


I like it! Especially when you’re working in groups and want to collaborate!

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:vine: allowed that feature towards the end of it, and in my opinion made :vine: worse.


It kind of ruins the fluidity for my opinion…
Though I think it’ll be good to let creators make one ‘Super Clip’ for promotional purposes.

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idk, can’t people just use Instagram for that? I honestly just want short clips

Thanks for all the input. I agree that there might be some disadvantages with a Super Clip.

I really like this idea. I did not even consider it!

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Hmm, I agree with the above replies about the shorter clips feeling more like the special formula. What does everyone think about allowing slowed clips that can technically be 12 seconds (sort of like on Snap, you can take a 10 second clip and slowing it makes it 20).

Although, I don’t think this sounds particularly good, but thought I’d explore the idea here.

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haha thanks!!

I think the idea of having a 12 second “super-clip” is cool but exceeding 30seconds seems like to much, 12 secs at the max

Creative suggestion! Just for me personally, when I watch the V!ne compilations on YouTube it seems like the longer v!nes were never as good as the 6 second ones. :neutral_face: I think the 6 seconds is part of the secret formula. :grinning:


Agreed. :grin:

You’re right

You mean Vine?
It’s not censored you know.

exactly, and then the big viners would post their youtube-length video and made the app feel lost

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