[Feature Request] Live streaming

It’s without any doubt a must have in any modern video app, the live streaming should be implemented since the very beginning unless it won’t have much of an impact in a world where it’s all about broadcasting.

The streaming can be feed into other platforms such as Youtube and can use the team feature as well so multiple people can come together and enjoy later on the content can be either be deleted or saved on the user’s request.

You thoughts V2iers?


Possibly a ‘Live’ option would have significant value to v2.

Similar to youtube (up to a certain sense), v2’s platform is heavily focused about video production, interaction with a wider audience and promotion of oneself.

Through the feature of ‘Live’, I believe V2 could definitely see great long-term value, which can allow fans to actually interact with content creators and also push a more ‘real’ take to an audience that actively watches the posts.

I like it.

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@Karim2k there are a few topics with this subject. Just wanted to help with minimizing duplication. I’ve started to see topics i’d like to create, but began replying to the existing few.


Thanks @ryanreid for the heads-up I didn’t see that

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