[Feature request] - Live chat

Hello guys, if the managers are listening we need a live chat module for this forum for real-time, maybe off the grid discussions, we are 10k users and we deserve it.

Secondly the app must have a built in chat feature since the first release, it’s very important that users could communicate between remember that top social media trending platforms for 2018 are chat platforms (Whatsup, Messneger, Wechat, etc…), of course the feature has to come with multi-users support, media sharing,etc…

I even think that the chat feature is deployed right now, it would a very good Alpha for the app itself, it’s easy to start with and can really be success key for the project.


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I think Dom will most likely include that in the app, but it’s up to him since he’s the one making it

well, I believe it already exists, if that screenshot is from v2 https://twitter.com/dhof/status/962007316022231052

That isn’t a v2 screenshot. He just remodelled the way snapchat looks so it’s more organized.

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Okay, thank you for letting me know

I don’t think I agree with this concept of live chatting on Vine. Just doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, I guess? Is my live chat going to be 7 seconds also? lol