Feature people or a v*** on your profile

Hello, so I have an idea that gives creators or anyone with a vine page the ability to feature their friends or one of the favourite vines. Also a simple quick way for a creators followers to connect with their other social platforms. I made a quick thing for a visual.aefafgaqegfeq
Obviously this is such a basic idea. But, hopefully you get what I mean lol


Hey man!!! Here’s a thread similar to yours :slight_smile:


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Stop with the whole thread thing it’s annoying

As in linking similar threads? @Garzamatt99


That could work, but not sure if it would clutter the profile page

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very true

They do this to stop spam repost from entering the forums, as this post is just a duplicate of mine posted 3 days ago. We don’t need repost spam

this is a really good idea

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