Feature concept

^similar^ button on the posts takes you to the posts that have matched hashtags , do you think it will be helpful ? =)

As long as everyone has a chance to get on the featured page, not just famous people.


I like the idea but I think it’s hard to determine what’s similar without a manual review process. Unless maybe there was a way for the community to categorize similar content.

If Instagram taught us anything, serving up content based on a user’s engagement hasn’t worked out so well. But maybe the fact that you’d actively have to click something to find similar posts, it’d be more streamlined.


you’ve made a good point.

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Many apps have bad algorithms where horrible content becomes featured because it’s controversial. The example being the entire Logan Paul situation. People with millions of followers don’t need to be featured. They already have eyes on their stuff and their followers revining/sharing their content will garner them even more followers. The last thing a Logan Paul type of following needs is to be on the front page constantly.

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Yeah. Why wouldn’t it

if you all know the app ifunny, its a meme based community with “collective”, “subcriptions”, and “feature” sections;

collective- is a almost real time feed of anyone’s work, despite their following

subscriptions- contains posts from the people you have subscribed to

features- is a section strictly of the most liked posts from collective that get chosen by the “feature team” to be broadcasted on the big screen to the entirity of the users with a notification. to my knowledge, the feature team can choose any user no mater of their following to be featured

a system like this would be great, but also somehow making a hybrid of that and the traditional social media feed, and explore pages

(this is my longest post yet, congrats)

yeah that would be perfect

f@jennifer not sure if you know this but just wanna point out you have the 2nd most likes on the forums

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wtf no way where’s the leaderboards

go to the lines next to the arrow then click users

im on desktop

oh uh then idk lmao

ohh i found it cooolio