FB/IG TikTok Competitor 'Reels' Launching in Aug

Tubefilter released this gem today:

Basically, this is positioning to be FB/IG’s answer to TikTok - curious to see what happens here…


Shorts for YouTube should be coming soon too


i must admit, I have spent some time looking at both Reels and YouTube shorts and they are pretty crap if i am honest… poor execution and very basic and even that is me being kind

they will in no way be a competitor to tiktok because they are so insignificant and obscure on two platforms that are massive without the tiktok-esque features. if tiktok gets banned or whatever, people wont flock to instagram reels or youtube shorts but rather something like byte and i am pretty self assured on that


i have reels. it sucks. unless they figure out how to distinguish reels from normal ig content it sucks

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Do you have to already be established or do ads to get :eyes: . Because the only reason I even go to IG anymore is to see other content or interact with a couple creators and groups.

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Byte is up next


You may be using a fake Reels app. Instagram/Facebook haven’t publicly launched the paltform yet unless they’re beta testing?

They already released it in some countries

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Trying to get a following on IG is an endless loop of frustration. I’ve had an account for 10 years and I can’t break 400 followers on either account. Meanwhile i’ve gained more than a thousand subs on byte since February. It’s REALLY difficult for artists there, and I don’t like the idea of giving Facebook any more support than I already do.

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Who needs Facebook. Only to watch feeds and how your uncle bought new saw. Not interesting. I would like YouTube to make no ads for free and to music when you turn down your app on smartphone and scroll of example 9gag. One thing I liked about social media is TikTok and Instagram. They have value and influence and content that makes you smile. Instagram perfect couple is the secret for my success with my GF. Many others people on Instagram use it too. Try it for yourself and enjoy. I’m using it for some time, check google videos and screenshots.