Favourite Byte Of Your own?

Curious as to which byte you’ve made you like best! Seems to fit within the rules, so I want to see them.


This was the first loop I made, but I uploaded from camera roll (I did the recording with my phones normal camera). It was something I always imagined doing, but never knew how to. I just started recording, and making mistakes; eventually piecing it together.


Throwback to one of my oldest Bytes. This Byte was one of many turning points for me on Byte, but it was definitely what kicked everything off for me, and one of the first ones to go “mildly viral”.


I was able to work with my favorite viner so I loved this so much


This one didn’t do that well, but I’m proud that I was able to condense basically 80 years of NYC history into 6 seconds.


My taste of creativity — I was running late to class and I decided to record something random. I’ll say this is fav by far but not overall YET :pleading_face::hot_face:


I went to so many places that week asking for rebytes.


This is one of my favorites.

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I have several favorites, but I’ll leave my most popular one here because it’s one of them

(I’m also very hecking proud of my ByteFighter but I was too late for the category and it got very small traction)

Lmao the what then going back to take a second bite anyway


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This is my favorite of my bytes

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There’s a couple of mine I’m really fond of, but if I had to choose only one as a favorite, it would absolutely be this one:

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So far my favorite byte is my newest one. Username is @ThePlumster


I made this byte on Christmas and it did meh with engagement during beta but i still like it cause it was a different style but it was basically me driving through Pittsburgh. I guess im more happy that i tried a different style than i cared for the engagement of it. But it’s up there for me in one of my favorites. :sunglasses::ok_hand: