Favorite voice (the tv show) judges?

It’s not just restricted to USA voice judges. It could be from any county even the non-english voice versions.

I like WILL.I.AM from the Voice UK, he makes the show lively and interesting. I stopped watching a few years back but he was a memorable judge.


Simon Cowell on whatever show he does that week. I like how sassy he can be.


Has to be Simon Cowell

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simon cowell lets me know that cows are being treated well

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If I say this, you will know who he is.


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He’s definitely a memorable judge especially with the way he dresses. Whenever I hear his accent I always think he sounds a little different from the average american accent

He’s kind of like chef ramsy on his delivery of judgements

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Definitely makes one laugh consider how blunt he can be at times with his judgement

Okay :joy::joy::joy:

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One thing I will say is the voice had some talented singers, but I can’t really think of any stars that came from that show