Favorite video game?

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Favorite Game if all time for me is Dragons Dogma.

It’s a really shame they didn’t make a second one.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Mad I missed this:

My favourite is a weird N64 game no one remembers called Hybrid Heaven. Runners up are Half Life 2, Arkham City, Bloodborne and maybe Bioshock Infinite

Smash Bros. or Fire Emblem Awakening
(I can’t decide what’s my favourite)

the same situationL)

I have been playing a lot of victoria 2 and satisfactory lately. Both games are creeping up over 200 hours played and I’m still having a blast! I also love rpg’s of all sorts, to the point where it has affected my IRL hobbies. I recently bought an anvil, and have been having a blast making all sorts of little knick nacks like fire pokers and towel racks. Luckily I haven’t started making potions just yet…

I keep coming back and forth to this thread because I’m super indecisive about what my favorite video game actually is :skull:

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Super Mario World. Never really stopped playing it since the 90s :joy: have come back to it heavily in recent years learning speed runs and playing romhacks of it.


starwars battle front ps2:)

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I’m too indecisive to choose one but whenever this topic comes up, NFSU2 and THPS4 are games that have a special place in my heart


I used to play paperboy and excite bike on my n64 all the time as a kid :ok_hand::relieved:

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Paperboy was on the N64? I never knew that, just a remaster of the arcade game or a whole new game? I used to play it obsessively as a kid on the Amiga.

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I think it was just remade for the n64 I’m not 100% sure tho. Apparently the n64 game is really bad but I was a kid so I didn’t care lol

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Definitely hard to choose but I can never give up World of Warcraft lol