Favorite V***rs? Do you think they'll come back?

Crish was probably my #1 favorite viner, I think he’ll be back to create more content though!

my friend’s favorite was quesedilla idk how to spell it but she quotes her dailyy


I’ve seen a lot of old Viners on Twitter saying that they’re going to give v2 a real chance! (Chrish was one of them!)


I do & always will love Evan Breen.


Yeah hopefully. I never had a problem with people like lele pons.

My favourite were Rudy Mancuso and Zach King…hope they come back…

I think Liza Koshy would be a good fit, since her bloopers and other puns meet the short time limit (but she might not like her BF :neutral_face:)

Drew Gooden
Danny Gonzalez
Gabriel Gundacker
Nick Colletti
Josh Darnit
Wahlid Mohammad
Ben Cahn
Chad Jamian

Im not sure if my fav viners will be back
But i know who’ likely to return even not my fav…

@onkelchrispy @zeebzub @ennshane @dopetrafik @frinothejino hopefully they’ll be back


I’ll be there if you are @dcoy !!! :v:t3::blue_heart:


I love brandon bowens vines, I hope he comes back to block off the haters

I really hope Christian DelGrosso and Alex Ramos come back. They were hilarious on Vine.

Yes they most likely will its gonna be another paycheak for them and david dobrik is my favorite viner/youtuber