Favorite V****r?

Who’s your favorite v****r now?
Not based on what they did on v**e, but what they’re doing now?

I never got into David Dobrik when he was on v**e, but now I’m in love with his Vlogs.

Who do you guys like best now?

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hey, there are already some topics on this:

please use the search tool to find whatever you’re about to post before posting, thanks :kissing_closed_eyes:


Liza koshy and Jerome jarre

stopjake he made edits

Lizzzzzzza koshy #love

Logan paul

The only viner I kept up with is Thomas Sanders. Fave!

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i used to love lizzza and thomas sanders still makes a lot of good content on instagram and youtube which i love
also gabbie hannah was funny too
although i’m much more into the “one hit wonder” vines (not creators)

Liza Koshy all the way!! :pancakes::sunflower: