Favorite Thing In The World

If I had a favorite thing in the world it would probably be a peanut butter and Jelly sandwiches & the beach I haven’t been to the beach for at least 5 years now and I wonder what it’s like over there to the one I go to so one day if I ever could would be to eat a PB & J sand which on the beach /Jk/ that’s a lie I actaully don’t like pb&j because I’m allergic to peanut butter. But I haven’t been to the beach at least in 5 years so that’s not a lie anyway my real favorite thing in world would probably just to have a big house one day & To make people laugh that’s pretty much it what’s your favorite thing in the world

(I’ll try to respond as fast as I can)


I just love hanging out with friends. Like when you just do random stuff and laugh and end up messing up, I love that.


The beach is so nice :sunglasses:


Hitting the gym is my happy place

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my favourite thing in the world is finding a nice nook in a big window of a high floor on a cloudy, rainy, stormy day to read and listen to soothing piano music in.

another is a cloudy and foggy warmish day with a chilling wind and promise of rain and lying down on a plush blanket on the glass with my hair down (i usually keep it up) and listening to quiet music and just breathing in the air.


Idk what that is ^

But music and breathing are like top two


Yea Ik what you mean Hanging our with friends and doing random stuff is so fun I kinda like to ding dong ditch before freshmen year and me and my friends would just wait till the person came out of there house looking for us it was so funny :joy:

Ik the beach is nice bro come on why do you have to do that to me I haven’t been there atleast for 5 years :joy::weary:

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Chill days that’s cool I like reading sometimes not all of the time if I had a favorite book probably be the outsiders and if I had a favorite weather probably sunny days

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Dude come on let people be she’s talking about days to chill out and read a book :joy:

I love music a lot like I have my earphones with me all time and breathing is especially a essential for everyone in world :joy: including you and me

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If things go right, then making a living as a content creator on here will be my favorite thing will in the world

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Just be yourself that’s all you gotta do to achieve :1st_place_medal::medal_military:

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We shall see. Just hyped byte is coming out

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