Favorite songs and music

hi guys what’s y’all fav songs? ok so personally i’ve been liking after the storm, sofia and softly by clairo, and daddy issues by the neighborhood but what’s y’all taste in music?:joy_cat::heart:

edit: iris by the googoo dolls


i ALREADY MADE A THREAD :pouting_cat::pouting_cat: with my other acc


Got into this today. Incredibly chill and calming.

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How was i supposed to know that :confused: :confused:

This track is currently in my frequent rotation, as it’s a lot of fun!


“Crazy” by Seal.

I have been listening to “Witness” by Cyndi Lauper recently.

Santana’s 1999 album “Supernatural” has a load of hits.

I listen to a lot of trance and techno mainly from late 80’s to late 90’s but I doubt you giys would want recommendations since many of the songs are like 9 minutes long. I can honestly hear the similarities of trance music and the song of “Pokerface” by Lady Gaga.


It’s a song called suffocate by hayd

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My fav song is prob Lady - Hear me tonight By Modjo

Why not listen to Stardust - “Music Sounds Better With You”

Hard to pick a favorite of anything, but a band I’ve recently gotten into is Prayers. They have roots in darkwave/post-punk and also hiphop. Just a cool group, I recommend the song “Edge of the Blade.”

I have no clue what any of these are but I will check them out