Favorite song at the moment?

My Favorite song at the moment is Logic’s 1-800-273-8255.

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For some reason I’ve been listening to Halsey’s Bad at Love a lot

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Anyone Who Knows What Love is because of the show Black Mirror on Netflix. It’s an old song but I love it!

who’s stopping me by big sean and metro boomin

i absolutely love logic though

Toto - Africa


OMG YES 12 char

Yesss i didn’t like it at first but it grew on me so I blast my radio every time it comes

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Bruh best believe i’m gonna make some dumb v2 meets toto joke


Exactlyyy 12char

White wedding by billy idol
Candy paint by post Malone I never have just 1 favourite song usually have about 10 I cycle through.

Currently I like “Back to you” by Bebe Rexha (hopefully I spelled her last name right). Also Rap God by Eminem.

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let her go by mac demarco, always a good chill out song

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but also i never have one fav song (like the person up there said^) i go through a bunch

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Do re mi- blackbear

I like chateau by blackbear is that a bandwagon song???

Goodie Bag by Still Woozy

Is it a good song?

Oldie by odd future & every single thing by homeshake

Into it by Camila Cabello ( all of the album is :fire::fire: I loved it )

Also thinking about it, Bodak Yellow by Cardi will always be a top

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