Favorite Show?

I think we all been hyped as heck about the release of the forums and the release of Vine approaching us very soon. Trust me I am as well.
Anyways, since I’m almost done with Narcos, I need to watch something else.

What are your favorite shows? I’ll probably watch it.

Also, movies. I can say I’ve watched no more than 25 movies


I never watched it but I heard stranger things is good

The Good Place is funny. I just started it myself.


Family Guy is one of my tops

Edit: So it KUWTK :wink:

Black Mirror and American Horror Story baby

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Watched the first season, and I’m in like the fourth episode of the second one

Don’t make me choose :sob:

My all-time favorites are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Veronica Mars and Friday Night Lights. RIP all of them.

Currently I’m really digging The Gifted, This Is Us, The Good Place…

I honestly could go on forever. It’s a problem.

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Meaning to watch B.M. and AHS seems like my type but it doesn’t at the same time

I’d also recommend Sense8. It was (tragically) cancelled but still a firm favourite of mine. Orphan Black too.

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Ohhh, I haven’t seen Buffy in such a long time :drooling_face:

RIP to the early days of our television lives :disappointed_relieved:

I’ll add The Gifted cause I’ve seen the ads for it and it seems very well. The other two I’ll take a look at

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I’m so sad they took off of Netflix. I binged the series like once a year around Halloween because I miss it so much.

Of Family Guy or KUWTK?

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KUWTK I don’t have a hulu account :frowning:

Riverdale, the good doctor, and stranger things

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Dark is really good. It’s really trippy. I have more movie suggestions than tv suggestions lol.

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Oh my goodness, I know! My mother was the reason I watched it, and we all watched it together until we finished it. Good Memories :blush::blush::blush:

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I’ll change the title to include movies

I’ve watched so much Kardashians, like my Hulu account is literally only two shows… Kardashians and Family Guy :joy::joy:

I don’t know where my card is