Favorite Show?

Mr. Robot is amazing

I couldn’t get into it after season one. But what an amazing first season it was.

Did you finish the whole second season? Because I couldn’t either until I pushed past the first half then it all changed

way too many to count, and even more if we were going to talk about how many i have watched

some of my favorites though, are madam secretary, game of thrones, arrow, and house of cards

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ugh I didn’t but now I feel like I have to.

How could I forget Game of Thrones? My brain is donezo for the night.

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People have suggested really good shows to watch, so I’ll just list a couple of movies

*The babysitter
*Geralds game
*The girl with all the gifts
*the shape of water

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Have you seen the Flash

yes, and its very good

i haven’t kept up with it besides crysis on earth x

Yea not to spoil but halfway through they drop a bombshell and shit really gets crazy and back up to standard in my opinion

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Is The Babysitter that horror one on Netflix? Cause if it is, I want to know how good it is please :grin:

Stranger things my guy. Best show out there…

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Really only 25? Well some of my favorite movies is Scott pilgrim vs the world, The Warriors, The other Guys, South Park Movie

wanna start watching but so many episodes lol

When the trailer released a lot of people hated it, simply because of the fact that Bella Thorne was in it. But when it came out, it received positive feedback for it’s way of blending comedy with horror.

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See thats the thing, I can watch the trailer for all of these and probably not watch it lol. I’m picky af

Thanks, I think I’m going to have to check it out!

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I promise you, youre gonna have a blast watching it :grin:

Please Like Me was a show I enjoyed, also Lovesick was really good too.

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For movie suggestions I’d say Swiss Army Man, I Dont Feel at Home in this World Anymore, What We Do in The Shadows, In Bruges, Sing Street, or John Dies at the End. Sorry I maxed out my replies yesterday lol.