Favorite Seasons

Some of you may not have seasons where you live but if so, what’s your favorite? Spring? Summer? Autumn? Winter?

Add your favorite!


Definitely not spring. I swear to god it rains everyday here in Georgia in spring. Summer is the best, it’s nice hot, humid, and my absolute favorite part of the season is when my legs get stuck to car seats and I have to peel them off! Or burning myself on the metal part of seat belts! (-:

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Fall is fun because of halloween but the month or two that transition between spring/summer ends up being where I’m most productive. Too early in spring and you get what @vivianne said about all the rain or SNOW if you’re in the midwest or northeast. Too late in summer and it just becomes too miserably hot to do anything…


I’d say Summer. I love Summer vibes

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are you Reidy to look at this post?!


I love fall. I like the cozy vibes of winter too. Spring is just awful. It’s so slushy. Summer is awesome too. Summer, Winter, and Fall are all tied for first place.

Summer=short shorts && pretty ppl


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I swear every time I create a post, someone else created one similar😂

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I like spring because of that “blooming” feel to it. You know, with the trees and the flowers blooming, and the insects coming out. it’s a time of new things and old things returning.

I like summer because it’s a time for relaxation and fun. The nice warm sun beaming on your face as you chill and play.

I like autumn because of the cool evening breeze and the smooth transition from warm to cold.

I like winter because of the times spent inside warming up and the silent midnight snow.

I’m basically saying I love all the seasons. :sweat_smile:


I agree. A lot of people hate spring but I like spring just because it makes me feel good and more motivated😀


winter. it’s beautiful.

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Autumn, especially in the beginning/middle when it’s still fairly warm. I love the colours of all the leaves and it smells great! Plus, Halloween.

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ughhhh I’m so torn. Probably late summer. right before the leaves change. It’s warm but not tooooo hot and all the bugs die.

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Weather in England is mad for e.g. it would be snowing in Spring

Winter is my favourite :slight_smile:

I live in Bahrain (middle east) ITS ALWAYS hot. So that’s why WINTER ftw

Its not going to be sunny until May. Yay :expressionless::expressionless: