Favorite Season Ranking

Since I’m sick in bed, thought I’d ask you guys your LEAST Favorite to MOST favorite seasons and why! I’ll go first:

Least Favorite–Spring!! It brings stomach bugs, which is what’s kicking my butt right now, and it brings tree pollen, making me sneeze and wheeze all spring long! And all the bugs and pests crawl back up outta Hell!

Second Least Favorite–Winter!! It comes too late anymore, like, AFTER Christmas late. The ice makes it difficult to get to work, especially since my town is all hills. The dry bitter air makes my skin and soul dry and bitter as well. And seasonal depression comes from it too.

Second Most Favorite–Summer!! Vacationing by the beach, ice cream parlor dates, blue skies, dying my hair with lemon juice, salt, and hot sunlight instead of bleach (it works I swear), the sun setting at 9pm, the beautiful sounds of frogs, toads, crickets, and cicadas at night <3

Most Favorite–Autumn!! It’s just the right amount of chilly, the leaves turn the green mountains yellow and orange, SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS, Thanksgiving turkey, it’s much easier to dress up nice without worrying about it being too hot or too cold!

I’m SURE you have different rankings and reasonings and I would love to read them while I’m laid up! :'D

worst to best

winter, it suck and cold

summer, it suck and too hot

spring, it suck and still cold

autumn, it suck and not as cold


So everything sucks?

Heh, sounds reasonable :wink:

Worst- Spring because where I live, it’s way to windy
Second worst- Winter because it doesn’t snow except for once or twice a year where I live
Second best- Summer because although it’s way to hot, I can get a break from school
Best- Autum because it’s not to hot and unlike spring, there’s no risk of allergies

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Least Favorite- Winter is always too cold, wet and windy in England.
Second Least favorite- Autum it’s still quite cold, but you get to see the nice colors of the leaves.
Second Favorite- Spring ,all the flowers start growing and the weather starts warming up
Favorite- Summer , it’s the 6 week school holidays and it’s hot and dry meaning I can go to the beach!


Favorite is winter cuz I love the snow so much
Second is Spring cuz I like when the air starts to get warmer but downside is allergies
Third is Summer cuz relaxation, beach
Last is Fall cuz it’s the beginning of the school year so it’s sad and the temps start to cool down which is also sad

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I like how yours goes in order too!

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Oh yeah I actually just realized that LOL

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perfect :joy::joy:


You’re from Scotland, the weather there’s just unacceptable.


America has 3 months off whilst we’re cherishing our 6 weeks :joy:


Too hard honestly each season has its own perks

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And downfalls…but yeah perks too :slight_smile: as much as I love summer, the Irish and German in me causes me to burn easily.

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My favorite Season is Season 4 of American Horror Story.


:point_right::smirk::point_right: Ah I seee

4.Spring - It’s just so slushy and nasty. It’s still cold.
3.Winter - It’s super pretty, and it makes you feel cozy inside. Yeah, it’s super snowy and cold but that’s ok.
2.Fall - It’s pretty when the colors peak but it can also snow. Also, school starts, which isn’t fun.
1.Summer - Again, super pretty. No school, and it’s warm.

I like all seasons except spring. All seasons are pretty except spring.

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Favorite season: Spring. You get to see how trees bloom and it’s not hot nor cold.
The other ones don’t have an actual order, sike.

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