Favorite music genres?

What would you consider your favorite music genre(s)? Any bands/artists you would recommend as well? :microphone::notes:


Trap and Rap, if u wanna i tell you some singers


I really enjoy poetic rap music (eminem , tupac , and biggie) rock n roll is always good for the soul. (ACDC, Led Zeppelin , nirvana) also soul music is nice (Marvin Gaye) absolutely love oldies (frank Sinatra , dean Martin , johnny cash)

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Country :cowboy_hat_face:

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I like a bit of everything really… been listening to a lot of indie stuff lately though, like The Vaccines, Vampire Weekend, Foals, etc :see_no_evil:

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Rap, Hip-Hop, R&B & a little pop


Same basically. Have you ever heard of Brockhampton though?

No I haven’t

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Okay well I recommend their songs gold, gummy and sweet :slight_smile: check them out if you have time

I will :slightly_smiling_face:

i love classical, classic rock, metal, alternative, r&b, rap, soul, experimental, and some (very little) pop (depends on the artist). basically everything excluding country or dubstep. nothing wrong with them, i just personally can’t listen to them.

bands/artists i recommend to everyone (long list, i’m so sorry):

  • muse (alternative rock/electronica, one of my fav bands of all time, i recommend ‘black holes and revelations’, ‘origin of symmetry’, ‘absolution’, and ‘drones’)

  • billie eilish (art/dark pop/indie, she’s so young and i don’t usually listen to music like hers but her voice and her lyrics are captivating and so catchy)

  • radiohead (alternative rock, in my top three bands of all time, i recommend ‘hail to the thief’, ‘in rainbows’, ‘the bends’, ‘kid a’, and ‘a moon shaped pool’, and all of the rest of their albums but i tried to keep it short)

  • ben howard (indie folk/rock, i recommend ‘every kingdom’)

  • björk (alt. rock/indie/electronica, idk but she rocks, i recommend ‘debut’, and ‘vespertine’)

  • garbage (i love the band name bc i relate: alt. rock/post-grunge, recommend: ‘garbage’ (self titled))

  • fka twigs (experimental, her voice is so beautiful and her songs are mesmerizing, recommend: ‘LP1’, and ‘M3LL155X’)

  • solange (contemporary r&b, recc: ‘true’ and ‘a seat at the table’)

  • frank ocean (alternative r&b, v deep lyrics and some bops, recc: ‘blonde’ and ‘channel orange’)

  • nicole dollanganger (sadcore/dream pop, recc: ‘observatory mansions’, ‘an ode to dawn wiener’, and ‘curdled milk’)

  • rihanna (self explanatory, she’s amazing, recc: ‘loud’, ‘good girl gone bad’, and ‘unapologetic’)

  • kanye west (actually an amazing artist who should be celebrated for his music, bc…he hasn’t got the best rep as a person, recc: ‘the life of pablo’, ‘808s & heartbreak’, ‘my beautiful dark twisted fantasy’, and ‘the college dropout’)

  • perfume genius (indie pop/rock, art pop, haunting voice and some songs are slightly eerie but overall beautiful and different in a wonderful way, it’s a shame the band only has 4 albums out, recc: ‘too bright’ and ‘put your back n 2 it’ )

  • mother mother (i don’t even know, but v creepy and deep, not for the weak of heart or for the easily creeped out, recc: ‘touch up’ and ‘o my heart’ )

  • zolita (alternative indie/pop, if you like lesbians and girl power, zolita is the one for you, but sadly she’s only got one album out and that’s ‘immaculate conception’, but she says there’s more soon and also her single ‘fight like a girl’ is such a freaking bop and a great workout song)

  • ed sheeran (i prefer his older music, it’s so relaxing, but his voice is magical and he is underrated af, recc: ‘songs i wrote with amy’, ‘+’, ‘x’, and ‘the orange room ep’)

  • ludovico einaudi (piano composer, ‘le onde’ is one of my favourite albums of his and i also recc ‘divenire’ and ‘una mattina’ (also ‘i giorni’, sorry i couldn’t resist his music is so beautiful))

  • michael ortega (also piano composer, you’ve probably heard some of his songs on vine as ‘comical sad music’, he has a lot of good individual songs. just search up his name on youtube and you’ll like any one you click )

again, i am so sorry that it’s so long. i am a blabber.


I appreciate you taking the time to type all that out.


i appreciate you for this comment. it did take about half an hour. i had to verify that i knew the correct full name of the albums because i shorten the titles on my phone so they’re an acronym bc i have so much music.

but thank you.


wowzers, great comment


I listen to a lot of indie-folk (Vance Joy, George Ezra, Hozier, Milky Chance, James Bay, The Lumineers, etc.) and a lot of chill-pop (think artists along the lines of Billie Eilish, Conan Gray, Troye Sivan, and Clairo)

But, you can usually find me listening to Indie-Alternative/Indie-Rock or what people call ‘arthoe’ music :joy:. I’m talking people like Mac Demarco, Gus Dapperton, Rex Orange County, Clairo, Steve Lacy, Cage the Elephant, Peach Pit, Cuco, Yellow Days, Vacations, The Walters, etc.


thanks, love <3

(p.s: i dig your music taste)

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thanks so much!! :.)

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(troye, hozier, and cte are my loves)


My all time faves are Vance, Billie, and Mac Demarco they sum up my music taste super well, too. I absolutely agree with you on how underrated Ed Sheeran is!! Went through an Ed phase over the summer and prefer his older songs too.


yesss :clap: i am so glad other people agree. everyone hypes up his new stuff, and it’s great and all but his older stuff was more acoustic and that’s more my style.

y’know, he mentioned recently his next album is acoustic as well! i am so excited :smiley: