Favorite feature from the v*** app?

My favorite feature would probably be the option to separate the revines from original vines of a creator. I wish Twitter had this option.


The chat feature


Edit the tittle :eyes: and try putting V2 instead of V*ne for legal reasons.

Thanks SO much! :yellow_heart:

YES! My high school had every social media app blocked on the wifi EXCEPT vine. so i would use vines chat to talk to my friends. Good times.


ooh, i haven’t heard of this before

Revine :joy:

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Mine was loops it was my favourite because you could see how many people watched your vine

Hm, I feel like that’s kinda a given :sweat_smile:

Yeah a tab to separate rev2s and v2s ya dig

Be very organized

View the song and artist info button :musical_note:

The endless looping of videos and the square video ratio