Who’s your favorite celebrity??? :hugs:


Emma Watson all the way!!! :grin::joy::rainbow::purple_heart:
(however if we’re counting internet celebrities then I refuse to choose :joy:)

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Difficult one, probably Ian Mckellen

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:point_right:Alycia Debnam-Carey :point_left:

probably the Rock/Dwayne Johnson.

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charlie puth or alan carr

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Beyoncé :tipping_hand_woman:t6:

Charlie puth
Rudy mancuso
Heath ledger
Sudeep (Indian celebrity)

Lil peep till the end

hmm tough one indeed…ima go with Jared Leto cus he works HARD

Johnny Depp
Emilya Clarke

Damn, He was awesome in transformers!! :heart_eyes::star_struck:

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ur mom roasted

he probably doesnt count, but neil cicierega

you mean potter puppet pals? :joy:

That would be Rihanna