Favorite anime/manga/cartoon?

I guess morally team L but God damn I love both of their characters too much (from the stand point of their both really cool and I really like the not insane light, though I do still appreciate his character throughout the entire plot) !!! :grin: what about you?


omg dude I love your lie in april!!! itโ€™s so amazing and beautiful :grin::cat2:

Yes. It can be a little slow paced sometimes but itโ€™s very good. Be aware of mega feels tho ;-;

Cartoon wise can we give a moment of silence for Family Guy which is no longer on Netflix.

Anime, Elfen Lied/One-Punch Man/Future Diary/SAO.

Manga, Soul Eater (better than the anime imo)/DBZ/Fairy Tail.

Cartoon, Teen Titans/Batman: The Animated Series/Steven Universe/X-Men Evolution.


Update: Someone mentioned Your lie in April, and I am adding that because it broke me.


Ultra Maniac

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Iโ€™ve seen some Anime and Manga but wanted to check out what the hype is about. My friends are huge Anime fans and recommended a few to me, so now Iโ€™m thinking of watching Tokyo Ghoul and Parasite over the weekend (from the way they described them, they sound good). I want to know some more - for myself obviously. Any recommendations?

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You should try My Hero Academia, Death Note, and Erased. All three are REALLY good!

and I watched all of them in the dub lol


Thanks bud!

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The amazing world of gumball and Attack on titan

Elfen Lied is a really good gem! Its kinda depressing at times though

No doubts ! DRAGON BALL Z. FOREVER. :innocent:

I stopped watching anime for a while

But my best would be one punch man

Then attack on Titan
Then death note