Fan accounts aren't needed on v2?

Creating accounts JUST to seek attention of your favourite artists/celebrity isn’t really necessary for the community. (I’m not talking about celebrity update accounts, I’m talking about those accounts who unnecessarily reserve usernames and just post the same thing that has no change in it) people should rather create original stuff dedicating it to their idols or use similar ideas like the original one

As a content creator I appreciate fan accounts and the edits they make. I remember wanting to get edits so bad on the original app. People can get really creative with their editing too, it’s an art! :tongue:

As a fan, who doesn’t follow any fan accounts BTW, I think fan postings are sometimes cool, and it’s kinda like a good remix to your favorite song, sometime’s it is interesting to see what different people would do with the same idea that the original creator had.


Gotta say that this is the kind of negativity that we shouldn’t take to v2. If you don’t like the edits, that’s cool, I understand many people don’t. You have to understand, though, that the fan editors and their edits and viewers were a huge part of the Vine community. As one of “those people”, I think I can speak for most when I say that no one was really ever seeking recognition from who/what we were editing. We edit to show appreciation and to tell stories. I did it to express myself through characters I related to and create hype around something I enjoyed.
Also, in response to being “more creative” and the “silly edits [made] through apps”, most editor use real video editing software such as Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe After Effects. They weren’t just tossed together and it’s not easy, despite what people who have never edited may thing. Many editors are creative and the edits themselves have evolved over time and look better now than they did in 2015.
I can’t understand this idea that they’ll be an extra load when V2 isn’t like dropbox with only so much space. I believe we have every right to be there, and if you don’t like those accounts no one will mind that you choose not to watch the edits.
As for solutions to this problem, the idea to mute accounts has already been brought up so maybe you could use that instead of asking us all to leave. I would be happy to add a topic myself on the possibility of muting hashtags, too.


as said by almost everyone here, we as a communtiy can’t single out any genre/niche account

and from what i’ve witnessed, more often than not, the people the fan accounts are about don’t actually mind; they rather encourage

Just sometimes. I have came across many inactive and silly fan accounts, so that was my point of view. And afterall, I’m not completely opposing the edits, even I like some but the unique ones.

I’m not completely opposing the fan accounts. That was all just my point of view because I’ve come across many inactive"fan accounts". So it’s sometimes really frustrating

im fine with it, as long as they don’t look like the actual celebrity’s account, cus that would be confusing

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