Fame is NOT a bad goal to have - stop lying

Been seeing so many people on this forums say ‘omg I’m not doing it for ANY fame, I’m doing it because it’s what I LOVEEEE’. The people that feel the need to constantly repeat that they aren’t in it for fame/popularity are the ones that most likely are.

I’d like to clear this up too… fame is NOT a bad goal to have. If anything, it’s amazing. The majority of people who influence pop culture (singers, actors, dancers, TV show hosts, rappers, app creators, artists, top chefs, etc…) ALL aim for fame. Aspiring to be famous is actually a really good goal. I don’t get why people spit on those who aspire to be famous, as if it’s a bad thing.

I just wish people would stop being so fake and just own up that they want a slither of fame from the app. Let me list a few things, if you really weren’t in it for fame at all, then:

  • You wouldn’t be on those ‘How to grow your v2 account’ posts. - Someone that doesn’t care about fame even in the slightest wouldn’t care if their videos got 0 views. If you’re on a ‘how to grow your social media account’ post or something related, then you’re in it for the fame (not saying that you can’t have fun, but it means that there is a bit of fame-wanting inside you).

  • You wouldn’t feel the need to constantly keep repeating that you’re not in it for the fame - It becomes very obvious when you keep going round to everyone telling them that you’re in it only for fun and not to expect any fame at all, you’re a liar. Point blank, and simple.

  • You wouldn’t care about the algorithm - Seen multiple people that claim they have 0% want for fame/popularity, yet they’re the ones stressing about what the algorithm will be. Once again, if you’re not in it for even a slither of fame, you really wouldn’t care about an algorithm. You wouldn’t care about what amount of people see your posts. You simply wouldn’t care.

I have more points but I just noticed that I’m kind of ranting here…
Overall, fame is NOT a bad thing to want to get. The majority of celebrities you love and idolise today are DRIVEN to do what they do because of fame. Also, if you are in it for even a bit of fame, just admit to it… honestly… you aren’t going to get killed because you want a bit of popularity on the app. People try to convince themselves that they don’t want the slightest bit of fame, but they do. P.S not saying that everyone here wants fame, there are for sure some people that will be doing it solely for the fun of it, this message is aimed at those who say they want 0 fame/popularity, but it’s obvious they do.

Posted this on another post as a reply, but want more people to see it.


A little addon here:

If you’re using v2 as a platform to move onto a better career (actor, singer, entertainer, dancer, etc…), don’t be afraid to say so. Most youtubers only do youtube because they want a gateway into the industry, same with vine.


I would love to be famous on v2, it means more people can see my content :slight_smile:


Right??? This is what bugs me the most. There’s nothing wrong with aiming for fame at all. It’s a great goal, There should be no shame in it at all. And even If you say that you want to share what you enjoy with the world or anything like that, that still means, to an extent, you want to gain SOME recognition and fame, there should be no problems ??


I feel the same way, I’m doing it for entertainment purposes, fame and hopefully money I’m being flat out honest if I wanted to do it for creativity I would just do it on youtube. You are wanting to do v2 for creativity then start a youtube channel and make videos


preachh :raised_hands:t3:

but you can have a creative challenge on v2

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I was honestly expecting a bunch of hate replies lol. At least you guys are being true to yourself and your goals.


fame is neither bad nor good (ish because infamy is a thing), it is all dependent on the person. i agree that wanting fame isn’t inherently a bad thing!

i don’t think that anyone should feel ashamed for wanting to be famous as well! do whatever you want, be whoever you want to be and be loud about it

but the only advice i would give is to actually put in the work and to start putting in the work now . it is fun to talk about fame but the road to getting there should equally be as important, if not more. it will not be as easy as “being invited to beta to be one of the first users to post and bam, you’re famous”. it is going to take some work. use fame as your motivation but you’re definitely going to have to put in some hours.

if you want to be a famous comedian, practice your comedy now. watch the stand ups & the movies featuring your favorite comedians, write your own jokes, figure out your comedy style and get comfortable filming yourself!

if you want to be a famous singer, start practicing today! work on improving your range or your tone, find your vocal style, practice writing, complete ear training exercises

etc, etc, etc

everyone here is helpful and welcoming. take advantage! share your practicing and whatnot on the forums, get feedback and see if and where you can improve!

and this goes for those who aren’t focusing on fame but want recognition, too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: if you’re not working on your craft every day, then idk lmao

and at last, some words from uncle will


This post. :fire: There is nothing wrong with wanting Fame.

I’m sure there are people that have posted who are being genuine when they say they don’t want fame, but it can definitely come across as insincere especially seeing it being posted again and again :joy: But it’s important to be honest and also remember that Fame is a Tool, a means to an end. Life shouldn’t be measured by how many Followers you have, but instead by how much positive impact you make on the lives of others.

Bottomline, it’s important not to lose sight of the creative process and to have fun creating the best content you can and giving value to others.

Here’s my formula that I use even to remind myself when I fall off course:

Create Content That Gives Value + Market It Well So Others Can See It + Become A Part Of The Community + Enjoy The Process (as much as possible, sometimes you will have to grind) = Happiness

hope my rant helps :slightly_smiling_face:


Yasssss preach :clap: I totes agree that people shouldn’t be afraid to go for whatever they want in life :ok_hand:



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HAHA :joy: he’s fantasticcccc

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Totally agree. There are some people out there expecting things to just be handed to them without them actually dedicating time to improve themselves. Every single celebrity you see today got famous for putting work in, even if you use Kim K as an example, after the… video… that came out, she became a business-woman and did well for herself.

PS, good job inputting Will, such a legend.


yesss! I full heartedly agree with this! I want to make people smile but whether it’s a bunch of people or just me I could care less :joy: I keep seeing people saying fame shouldn’t be your only goal and I do understand what they mean by that, but at the same time fame isn’t a horrible goal! it all depends on why you want to be famous really and what’s driving you to be famous which isn’t for me to judge, so reach for the stars kiddos! :blush: just remember to have fun and don’t depend/assume you will be famous bc if it were to not happen you’d be pretty devastated! just keep an open mind and keep working toward your goals! :smile_cat:


100%! and yes, even kim!

kim is a perfect example of how hard work, discipline and determination can beat the “15 minutes of fame”. there have been countless people who have gone viral by chance. only a rare few actually go beyond that because of the work they put in and that’s something else to keep in mind

a good recent example of that is danielle bregoli


I know right. I’m kind of a danielle bregoli fan so I may be bias :joy: however she did incredibly well for herself, especially at her age. Even with her first songs, they were seen as memes, nowadays her songs still get made fun of, but nowhere near the amount they use to.

I think loads of people think that people like Kim kardashian just made the ‘video’, then just sat in her house hoping for fame to come and stick around.


Wanting fame is one thing, wanting success is another.


I would love to become v2 famous

Everyone wants fame.