Fake V2 running ads on my ig feed

I was scrolling my Instagram feed and came across a V2 add, so stupid image

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Hmmm this be goin outta hand…

same thing happened here Fake V2 app

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It’s fake

Shit! That is severe

I feel like at this point dom HAS to give the final product a new name since they can’t just come out with another v2 after that one otherwise it would make traffic patterns terrible. I’m guessing dom has always had an unreleased real name that he’s always had in case this happened?

That’s surely a copyright violation. As V2 has been using that logo and has been known as that since it was revealed it was in the works a while back. Time to hit them with a copyright violation. Which can be done if it can be proven that the work isn’t the creation of them, aka the tweet that first revealed V2 and it’s working logo. Everyone should also report them when possible for impersonation.