Fake V2 app

This is getting out of hand

Oh man :sob:

How desperate do you have to be to put money into a fake app just to advertise it :laughing:


That is ridiculous


This is so upsetting, I feel like it’s gonna drive away a LOT of traffic from the real app. So upsetting…

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Dude, this is so frequent it’s a joke now. Nobody is gonna wanna get on the real platform after this :frowning:

Wooooow. That’s real sad


Jesus, why must they do this?

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Why? Just why? Why would anyone go to these lengths? The money they used to get a sponsored post could’ve gone to a children’s hospital for cancer patients or starving kids in Africa or local homeless persons or just literally anything better than what they did. Such a waste of money and for what? :sob:

I hope people know it’s fake

I’m just curious how they’re allowed to use the name v2 on the app store, I wonder if @dom already set up v2’s copyrighting, patents and all it’s legal stuff etc.

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Hope this means that Dom will release the app sooner!

I demand all the fake v2 apps to be banned… it’ll be cool if that actually worked