Fake v2 app you can use the app they said on twitter

Who said that

the fake v2 they said on twitter you can try it and I logged out after its up to you if you want to try it

Not sure why you’d want to promote a fake app on the v2 forums… but I’ll just leave you be.

y even bother at all tbh

Seems kind of pointless to me tbh, just wait for the real v2, if you really want to make content, you can always just use any other app

I am wating till the app comes out ive deleted the app

Good choice

Dont use the fake apps, its no use. Theyre terrible and shady

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The V2 team stated that it was fine

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What’s the app name

just search v2 on the app store or play store if you want to download it

I don’t see it

is there going to be a revine

there are better threads to ask this on

nothing is confirmed, but highly speculated

does that mean there is a revine button

they removed it from the app store I think

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Oh yeah I remember that

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I have no idea :sweat_smile:. I even not downloaded​:point_up:️

nothing is confirmed yet, no one knows except probably the V2 team

I think this topic can be closed now.