Fake V2 App on Instagram/AppStore

This is a “new” app on the App Store… Someone’s trying to capitalize on the hype lmao…


we know, also uncategorizing this topic

Dom already said it on Twitter many accounts and fakes applications were created

Yeah, some people really have nothing better to do then try and copy someone else, wasted their own time.

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Didn’t know talking about a certain aspect that is affecting the app development and community isn’t considered “general discussion”

you were talking about another app, not v2 itself

im changing it to off topic instead.

The fake V2 is a hot mess, so far it’s just a collection of people posting old vines. I think the real V2 should really focus on promoting it’s platform for original creators so it can stand out from these copycats.

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Yeah, I think in v2 you should only post new content and not re-upload the old videos as they can be accessed from youtube and @dom said that v2 has no links to v ine

How are you guys going to combat this? Are you going to have a problem naming the app now? Did you eclipse the this? Can one of the team members make an official post replying to how you will deal with this? Thanks

Yeah right? Like don’t they have to communicate with Apple to get the fake app/s taken down?

That’s not gonna happen. Apple is not gonna take down these apps because no copyright on the name “v2” has been created yet, so the copycats made this app fair and square. (Even though Apple knows that it is a copy)

What does it actually do?

No surprises. People always try to copy what’s popular