FAKE APP- this is not another warning

Ok I know you’ve all been warned about the fake apps but most of these fake apps use the V2 logo right?
So the people who make these must have go that from here or from @dom twitter right?
Since this person has enough interest in V2 to code an app we can assume they’re on this forum

Therefore someone on this forum is likely to have made a fake app :exploding_head:

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Not necessarily, he announced V2 and the logo before the forums for it opened.


They are probably referring to the forums and official tweets to make their fake app look as real as possible. As dom said in the image below.

Also, please refer to this thread for any future posts about fake apps



I do not think there are anyone from the forum creating fake apps

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Don’t need an account to scour the forums for the info needed. Though, if I wanted to be sly, I could just curry enough favour and gain enough clout here to get on the beta and then BAM. :sunglasses:


You’re on Dom’s watchlist now :joy:

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I hope not