Fake App Superthread?

There are fake apps out there, but every time someone comes across one they make a new thread about it, which is repetitive and clutters up the feed. Below is a list of just some of the threads I could find regarding fake apps. Could we please just start keeping them in one place from now on, either in this thread, or the staff could make one. That way its a bit tidier, and easier for anyone who wants to report them to find a full list of the fakes.


The fake v2
Lots of fake v2s
How do we stop fake V2s?
Fake V2 app
Fake beta release/People wasting eggs
Report all fake v2 twitter accounts
People falling for fake v2 app
Fake V2 App on Instagram/AppStore
Fake V2 running ads on my ig feed
I found a V2 fake on the App Store
Fake App ! *URGENT*
Fake v2 apps
Stop Fake V2 Rumors on Twitter
Fake V2 application

I recognize that the content of each of these is not the same, and that some are not about specific apps or accounts, but we can all agree that there are a lot of topics being made around this subject. At the end of the day they would be better suited to be merged into one superthread, as there is very little discussion that goes on in them when they’re made.

Anyone agree?

EDIT: Here are links to the fake apps, will see if I can find any fake twitter handles too,feel free to report!




All for it. Get the fakes out of there!


They should get copy right on the name and logo so the apps that stole it can be taken down


You think they already would have done that though…

Completely agree, I also think that we have to ignore them not giving them the importance that these creators want

In other words: Don’t. Feed. The. Trolls.

Yep, we do not have to pay attention, we have to ignore them

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I agree. Get copyright!

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Ah sweet. My egg topic made the list.

Damn, I be getting linked left n right