Facebook Rant

I’ve heard a lot about the controversies with Facebook lately. I want to make a silly little rant about Facebook on my YouTube channel (SuperNintendoPlushie), but I’m not exactly up to date on the current events. I just wanna make sure my information is accurate, so think you can catch me up? Thanks! (Any information, serious or silly, is accepted)

P.S. Also, tell me your YouTube username so I can give you a shout-out in the video. :stuck_out_tongue:

Basically, Facebook is secretly downloading user’s details and calls/texts, meaning it’s no longer secure. Mark Zuckerburg calls it ‘a mistake’ and it’s starting to cool down.

For bonus points, you could add how people call him a snake or lizard because he ‘slithers’ into your phone. If you don’t get it, DON’T PUT IT IN.

As well as this, a couple weeks ago, there was a few random outbursts of terrible/clickbait videos on Facebook. They were filled to the brim with terrible titles and evil emojis. It was godawful.

I have a youtube channel, but there’s nothing on there. YET. It is called ‘adamskee’, but it’s brand new. It’s still untouched.
In the meantime, you could reference my Twitter, @adam_aldridge12, or just me on here. Whatever works for you.