Eye Protein

Guillermo del Toro uses the term “eye protein” to describe both his films and the films he loves. They look good but there is substance to them. They’re designed to feed your imagination and creativity - to inspire you subconsciously with things you may not have noticed before, but that will spur you on to create.

I’ve been silently observing on the forum for a while. This upswing in engagement is exciting, for sure, but we need some inspiration or we’ll face creative burnout.

SO - is there a scene from a movie or show that you just freaking love? Post it here! Inspire each other!


It’s classic and iconic but i absolutely love it every time

And this one may be disturbing to some but i love the way it was filmed all in 1 take. :flushed:


YES! Both beautifully shot and edited. The behind-the-scenes of how they pulled off that shot in Children of Men is amazing


Semi nudity, the thief meets the alchemist: https://youtu.be/J9zVhI_7Jb4


That scene is very relaxing to watch maybe its the rainbow.

The ending of Speed Racer, where they basically told this entire “big cinematic ending” through close-up of faces in front of a green screen makes me lose it every time. It’s closer to professional wrestling storytelling than film storytelling - everything’s told through reactions and these over-exaggerated facial expressions.

There’s a couple of movies out there that are just so loving, dumb and obvious that it goes over both audience’s and critic’s heads, and I think Speed Racer is one of them. Josie and the Pussycats is another one.