External video editing (to fade or not to fade?)

hey, i was reading this post about how to edit outside the app to achieve the best loops.

my question is whether or not (when working within the instructions of this post) it is best to fade audio or video clips. and if it is best to fade them, at what point? do you fade in during or after the silence at the beginning of the clip. and do you fade out during the appended audio or before the appended audio? or does the app take care of the video fade for you? what about audio fading? leave it alone entirely?

If you’re wanting the best video loop, I’d say minimal fading is best. The post you mentioned has Dom explaining the process because the app cuts off a tidbit of the video at the beginning. I work in 30 fps, and I’ve noticed that it cuts off the first 5.5 frames (which equates to the 50 milliseconds that @dom mentioned to leave quiet).
So if you want a perfect audio loop, don’t do any fading. Just start the audio about 50 ms into the video (if you can’t do that, rounding it up to the nearest frame gives a tiny bit of delay but it works) and you should hopefully be good.
Now, I haven’t done much audio looping, so if anybody else who’s more experienced in that regard has anything to add, please do. :blush: