Extended Video

Will there be the option to extend your video, certain people had this option, will this still be a thing for some people?

sorry bud someone asked a few months ago about this, use the search bar silly


gas x

Use the search bar ya silly goose you :3


ok so on the actual topic, ive never heard of anyone having this option? i know youtube used to limit you to 20mins if you weren’t partnered or something but idk

As Daniel said, please use the search bar (top right on mobile and pc, the icon with the magnifying glass) to check if someone has already brought up your idea or question before making a new post next time to avoid duplicate posts.


or you could just use your phone camera and split the original video
for example the video is 9 seconds

make 2 separate videos, the first being 6 seconds. the other one being 3 seconds.