Extended Essay IB topics

Hey guys! I’ll be doing a research paper soon for school, however, I need a researchable topic to do so. Could anyone help by proposing any interesting topic related to English Language? Much appreciated!


Sarcasm and other intricacies of the English Language.

Idk research could maybe be on how tone and emphasis play a huge part in speaking English?


hahahaha good luck
ok for english i’m pretty sure the structure of the EE is very strict like you have to analyze a certain literary novel or something idk I did geography
also no matter how hard you try you’ll probably start writing it a month before its due just a heads up unless you’re a super human

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It might be fun to do a study on internet language and how it’s impacted English. Like how we express ourselves through text and how it’s changed with the internet

An impact of class and language structure?

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Am I the only one that noticed this thread was revived after 2 years? :scream:

Oh oops lol hope the essay went well

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lmao to be fair, most IB HL classes are two year programs, in the states.


I remember doing mine. Hope it went well

Sarcasm plays a huge role in most forms of English based humour, whether that be North American English, European English, or Australian English; all are fundamentally different but have that similar backbone

Might be interesting to explore how an aspect of language came to form a larger sect of culture (being that of comedy).

What’s up with the Oxford comm

“Can we Afford the Oxford?”

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Oof how did it go? I remember IB, worst 2 years of my life

I did mine on some random English story and it’s links to the Bible since English is the easiest EE to write

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